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Botany in the Arctic

We are the society for everyone interested in botany on Svalbard.

Plant Life in the Arctic

Plants in the Arctic have some astonishing adaptations to survive the dark polar night and the midnightsun on Svalbard. 

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Fungi in the high Arctic

Svalbard is home of a myriad of fungi – and some are even edible! 
Every autumn mushroom pickers search out in the areas around Longyearbyen in search of fjellridderhatt (Lepista multiformis) and other edible treasures in the Arctic landscape.

These fungi are not just edible, but a vital component of the Arctic ecosystem. Through a symbiosis called mycorhiza, fungi provide plants with minerals and water in the nutrient-limited Arctic. 

For norwegian speakers – check out «Sopp på Svalbard» for a great overview over fungi in the Arctic region.

Research on Svalbard

At the University of Svalbard research is done on the arctic tundra and how the plants, fungi and other organisms survive, interact and evolve.

Last autumn we joined forces with assosiate professor Pernille Eidesen at the University Centre of Svalbard on this trip with a high school from the mainland. The highschool students learned a lot and started collecting som data on Silene acaulis – great day!

Map of Svalbard

Planning a trip?
Check out the map by Norsk polarinstitutt – a great tool to planning hikes and expeditions.

Map of Svalbard

Discover the high Arctic flora